FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trigger any camera with Phase Trigger?

No, especially because most of the compact cameras do not have a shutter-release port. However, the most common single-lens reflex cameras have an adequate port and can be triggered using a cord. You can find the list of the cameras here

Could Phase Trigger inflict any damages to my camera?

No, the connection and control of the camera is electrically disconnected from the electronics of Phase Trigger, whereas the control signal is conveyed exclusively through an optical path.

Can I simultaneously trigger a camera and a flash unit using Phase Trigger?

Yes, this is technically possible, however a simultaneous triggering of the camera and the flash unit is not advisable. The flash unit is normally triggered by the camera, so it can be synchronised correctly. For this reason, the flash should be, as is usually the case, attached to the camera. The two switching outputs of Phase Trigger enable a simultaneous triggering of two cameras. This makes it possible, for instance, to shoot the same event from two different angles or perspectives. Nevertheless, there are exposure techniques in which the camera is set on BULB in the darkness, and the flash is being triggered separately. For such cases, however, Phase Trigger is able to trigger up to four flash units simultaneously, in order to increase the luminosity, for instance, or so that it can expose the scene from various distances, colours etc.

Do I need well-founded photography knowledge to be able to operate Phase Trigger?

No, everything you need to know can be found in this instructions manual. Thanks to the digital photographic technology, the pictures are no longer limited by the length of the film and therefore the ideal settings can easily be tested and readjusted.

Why use industrial sensors?

Industrial sensors are the the result of over several decades of development and conform to a strict standard set by the industry. As a result, their performance and functionality, as well as their manufacture and reliability of operation are at a professional level.
In addition, there is an extensive selection of precisions and ranges for several sensor such that a suitable type can be chosen that fits any given use and local conditions.

What Power Supply is to be used?

Phase Trigger should be operated by USB power adaptor or by power bank. For this, use a cord with an adequate Mini- USB connector. Please make sure that the adaptor or power bank to be used is designed as for the USB-Standard 5 Volt and minimum 1000 mA. A power bank can perform, according to its capacity, a continuous operation for several days. When selecting a USB power bank it should be noted that under low current consumption many models automatically switch off after a short period of time as they were originally designed for smarphones. A model should be used that is supplying a continuous voltage regardless of current consumption.